Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay so I'm not faithful to my blog...but lately I've been in the dump about everything
Do you ever feel like everything is going haywire? Well that is how I feel....
I've been umeployed for about 4 month and have no income coming in..
I had to do an appeal with the unemployment office and just doing this is making me sick to my stomach...I don't think I'm going to win and I should not have done the appeal...
I don't talk about it with my family or friend cause it was my doing to leave my job..
It was so stressful and hostile that I had to leave...I don't regret that part..
But looking for a job is a big thing espcially with the economy...but I'm not the
only one going through this...alot of people are having a hard time with the economy...
There is time I want to stop my hobby of card making and just forget about everything..
I just want to sit around and cry but crying isn't going to solve nothing...all I would
get out of it is red and sore eyes...hahaha
Well enough of oh pity me...even writing this hasn't helped..oh well what can I do...
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day...
I've always said that there is always someone worth off them me...
Be happy and tell someone you love them...
Katelynn, Caulin, Emily & Savanah I love you all....


  1. My dear friend, you have my sympathy about your job situation. I truly hope it will resolve itself soon.

    I know how much you like Iris Folding. Why not do a challenge or a technique at SCS or StampTV?


  2. Hey Terrie! I was always intimidated by Iris Folding, but then I made up my mind to try it and was surprised at how you actually do it. I'm not real good at it, but I have fun trying. Your Christmas Tree box is very pretty. And I like all of your projects also.

    I think your card making is probably good therapy, so don't give it up. We would miss you too much at ISC. See you there! Gaye

  3. Guess who wants to send you big hugs? ME! Everyone gets to feel this way and you are a very strong person to get over it in your own time. You are already starting by posting on your blog. Time for a nice rest at your wonderful camp site in the beautiful woods!
    Really Big Hugs to you from me.

  4. Terrie,
    I am so sorry to here about everything you are going through. Hang in there things are going to get better soon. Please Please don't give up your cardmaking. You make wonderful cards and we all love you and love to see your cards too.
    I wish I could travel to see you and give you a big hug!!!!