Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I started a new job yesterday September 1st and boy I was so tired I went to bed early and I mean real early...I'm working at a extended day care at a school and I had to work 6.5 hrs
These little people can really talk and run without stopping...
Today September 2nd was a little easier..the key to these little people is to keep them busy so
we took out the LEGOS and that did it...I never saw these little people be so busy just doing LEGOS...We did go outside for two outdoor breaks and then more LEGOS...
Next week will be really busy and more little people....36 per room...God help me
But right now I really like it and the ladies are just awesome....
Have yourself a great day....


  1. I want to be a little person! Fantastic amount of energy, no cares in the world with the exception of wanting to eat, go potty and play all day!
    So happy to hear you are enjoying it! I'm sure the love you too. Just think of the paper dolls you can make with your cricut! Or any of the other fun stuff!

  2. Oh boy can I relate to your job...LOL. Just stay focused on the positive side... They take naps.