Monday, September 14, 2009

Well it been seven days since I started this job and it's not as bad as these ladies
made it out to be....They are very active children but I understand why...they are so
contained in the class room all day long then once they leave their classroom they think it is fair game to be in a jungle (per say)...there is a few kids that are really off the wall but overall they are pretty
Right now the weather is very nice so they can go outside and play for an hour so that is then at 3:30 the older kids go inside to the homework room so we lose half of the kids who play outside...The little people who are in pre-k get tired fast because it is an all day
schooling for them....
I take it as a work day and some job are better than to me it's a job....


  1. Terrie,
    I'm glad that you are starting to adjust. They can run you ragged... Stay sain,

  2. I'm so glad that your job is working out for you. Enjoy the outdoors with the kids as much as you can. Do you remember the game 7-Up? We used to play that game on rainy days in our classroom. You might have to get reacquainted with some fun indoor games since Fall and Winter is just around the corner. Nice to read what is going on with you. Keep it up.