Monday, November 16, 2015

Share Handmade Kindness

Share Handmade Kindness Challenge
Week Three...Children

Someone must of been looking over my shoulder at my
calendar. Thinking about the children was an upcoming event for me...
I have two girls who come over every other week to do service for me
as part of a Service Plan they have at their school...they have so many hours
per month to complete....their service may be from raking leaves to helping in my craft room
by sorting ribbon or buttons by colors or cutting papers.  We sit around for an hour and we
chit chat or even talk about bullying or what is going in school.
So every year the day after Thanksgiving the girls come over and spend the day with
me and we bake cookie or play games (no service on this day) just fun time.
They love it and so do I...
This year I made some Rudolph Card and some Chap Stick holders..

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  1. Such a cute card and a fantastic idea

  2. Wow, I wish they had something like this program around here. It must be nice to have these young girls around to help out and also just for company and I think you are a great influence on them. I love the Rudolph card - you come up with some clever ideas, my friend!